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SKU: 780

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SKU: 780 ( concentrate supplement for sheep)

Guarantee Value of the Product Composition Analysis

Crude protein




Crude fiber


Total phosphorus


Crude ash


Sodium chloride






Main ingredients:
High-quality Corn, Wheat bran, Soybean meal, DDGS, Detoxification cottonseed meal, Rumen bypass fat, Rumen bypass amino acids, Vitamins (A, D, B, K, Niacin ), Trace elements (Cu, Fe, Mn, Co, Zn, Se, I, etc.),Constant minerals (Ca, P, Na, CI,K, Mg, S, etc.), Urease inhibitors, and feed protectant, etc.

Drug name: Monensin sodium 

Drug content: 30mg/Kg

Incompatibility: Do not feed laying hens, lactating cow, and equus animal.

Withdrawal period: 5 days before sale

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生产日期:Production Date:

Diet preparation: forage grass + supplement 780 = fully mixed diet

1.Daily feeding volume of concentrate supplement 780 can be 2% of the sheep’s weight. During intensive fattening period, should supply sufficient concentrate supplement. 
2.Crude feed first, concentrate supplement 780 after, or mix the 780 with soggy grass to feed the sheep.

1.Do not feed the sheep with concentrate supplement until 7-10 days after long-distance transportation. Only feed the sheep with soft forage and clear water (or add a small amount of wheat bran and salt ) during this period.
2.Before the fattening period, should deworm the sheep both inside and outside, and finish vaccination.
3.The sheep house should be kept clean and dry, and guarantee the sufficient clean water for 24 hours.
4.Do not suddenly change the daily diet and feed process. If need to change the feed, should have a 10-15 days transition to let the sheep gradually adapt the new feed.
5.The daily diet already has enough protein. Do not add any non-protein ammonia ( such as Urea, etc.)
6.Se-rich and Cu-rich areas should carefully use this feed to prevent poisoning caused by excessive trace elements.
7.The color changes between different lots do not affect the products quality.
8.Placed in ventilated, dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

Guarantee period: 45 days

净含量:Net Weight:
Previous one:SKU: 580second:30%肉牛专用浓缩料-D632

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