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SKU: NYHS (4% Chinese traditional medicine functional compound premix feed )
NYHS can quickly replenish beef cattle with all kinds of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, complex enzyme. It can promote rumination, balance rumen microflora, enhance digestion and absorption function, effectively prevent cattle and sheep from stone disease, enterotoxemia, sepsis, yellow fat disease caused by the forcing fattening.

Usage and dosage
According to the weight of cattle and sheep, the recommend dosage is 1%--4% evenly added to daily ration.

Cattle, sheep and other ruminants.

Storage method and guarantee period:
Within 6 months, Placed in ventilated and dry place, avoid pollution and direct sunlight.
1.Should be mixed evenly with other materials
2.Use out ASAP after open

Net weight:20KG/bag.
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